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Entrepreneur First | Kick-off Weekend

Entrepreneur First | Kick-off Weekend

Meet the latest EF cohort of co-founders. They have taken the leap from their former lives to join EF London. We join them on day one when our intrepid entrepreneurs arrive at EF’s Kick-Off Weekend with neither a business or co-founder. EF is here with a process to give them everything they need to create globally important technology companies. Relationships are kindled. Ideas sparked. Exceptional people arrive at EF’s Kick-Off Weekend as individuals and leave nascent co-founders of the next global startup. In October 2022, EF London launched their latest cohort of entrepreneurs. Kick-Off Weekend was a chance for this cohort of brilliant people to meet each other for the first time in a high-energy, stimulating environment including community-building and co-founder testing. Kick-Off Weekend is the first big step on the entrepreneurs’ journeys to building their companies. It’s the first day of the next billion-dollar startup. Our primary aim was to produce an “EF Kick-Off Weekend Highlights Video” showcasing the event. Our brief was: - Capture the energy, quality and scope of the Kick-Off Weekend’s programme. - Showcase the world-leading standard of the cohort and the transformation they undergo at the Kick-Off Weekend. - Clearly outline the format, objectives and outcomes of an EF Kick-Off Weekend. - Excite the spirit of adventure and ambition of potential future co-founders. - Reassure a future co-founder that despite the nerves felt at the Kick-Off Weekend, EF is the guide they have been waiting for to change their life. Our objectives for our content were: - Provide social proof of the calibre of EF’s approach to matching co-founders. - Humanise EF’s process through neat, candid interviews with the cohort and EF team. Our secondary aim is to film evergreen interview material and branded footage of the event for use in future content.


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