bobb•in /ˈbɒbɪn/

A spool holding thread in a sewing machine. Looks remarkably like a film reel. Something small and simple which can be relied upon to make beautiful things.

Bobbin Productions

We are a London-based video production company experienced in developing commercial media content across the UK, Europe and USA.

Specialising in nailing the tricky shots; super macro product shots, multi-camera live event coverage and gimbal stabilised run-n-gun action. We proudly put our name on content for clients great and small: from SMEs, charities and art organisations to some of the world's best-known brands.

High Spec

The latest kit for the best results.


Technically expert and comprehensively
equipped for whatever you dream up.


Obsessed with what we do...
a young, friendly team at your disposal.

Unit 2, Keynote Studios, 62-72 Dalmain Rd, London SE23 1AT   020 3239 5934

©2020 by Bobbin Productions. 

Company Number: 09341862 Registered in England and Wales

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